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Are you living with low confidence while missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures? You’re not alone! According to the American College of Prosthodontists, over 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth.

Dr. Elaine Wu at ReNew Dental has a great solution for your missing teeth, Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures. These innovative dentures provide superb comfort, boost your level of confidence and can be conveniently removed for cleaning.

What are Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures?

Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures are also known as overdentures. These overdentures are designed to “snap” onto dental implants which are surgically placed into the jawbone. These dental implants act as anchors to hold the denture in place with the use of a special attachment system, such as the Locator abutment. This innovation in the dental field allows for a more natural chewing experience, improves speech clarity and significantly boosts self-confidence.

According to a study published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, patients with Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures reported a significant improvement in their overall quality of life. At ReNew Dental, Dr. Elaine Wu is dedicated to providing professional care and expertise in Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures.

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Benefits of Snap-in and Snap-on Dentures:

Snap-in and Snap-on dentures are names often used interchangeably.

There are several benefits you will get from choosing Snap-in and Snap-on dentures at ReNew Dental by Dr. Elaine Wu.

  1. Better chewing Ability: A Snap-in Denture can improve your bite force up to 300% vs a traditional denture, allowing for confident eating of favorite meals. Patients with a Snap-in Denture report significant improvement in their ability to chew and break down food according to a research article published in Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.
  2. Improved Speech Clarity: Teeth that fit tightly prevent speech interruption caused by teeth slipping or making unusual noise when talking. With a Snap-in Denture, you can communicate effectively without feeling embarrassed.
  3. Increased Self Esteem: Snap-in Dentures can enable you to smile, laugh and lead a normal life. With a stable and attractive smile, you will become more self-assured, ready to confront any issue head on.
  4. Easy Care: Snap-In Dentures can be removed at any time for cleaning thus improving oral hygiene and avoiding chances for disease such as bad breath that may be aggravated by dirty teeth.

How much do Snap-in Denture implants cost?

The cost of Snap-in Denture Implant Teeth can vary depending on several factors. However, with the rising demand for these innovative dentures, it’s essential to understand the investment required for a life-changing smile.

At ReNew Dental, Dr. Elaine Wu offers flexible financing options to make Snap-in Dentures more accessible. With financing plans and payment options available, you can achieve the smile you want.

Who are good candidates for Snap-in Dentures?

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, Snap-in dentures are suitable for individuals who:

  • Have multiple missing teeth
  • Have difficulty while speaking or eating with traditional dentures
  • Are looking for a more secure and stable denture solution
  • Have sufficient bone density to support dental implants
  • Are in good overall health

Dr. Elaine Wu at ReNew Dental can assess your individual needs and determine if Snap-in dentures are right for you. With her expertise, you can have a beautiful smile and more importantly self-confidence.

snap on denturesHow to care for Snap-in Dentures?

Your Snap-in Dentures need to be maintained so that they last for years and promote your oral health. Start by taking them out immediately following meal times and clean them well with a denture-safe cleanser and a soft-bristled toothbrush. When not using them, keep your dentures moist in their storage case, and periodically soak them in a solution intended for cleaning these dental fixtures to avoid bacteria building up on the teeth replacements. Users should also remember to clean their gums, tongue, and mouth cavity to prevent bacterial build-up on the tissues so that your Snap-in Denture can fit comfortably.

Why Dr. Elaine Wu for Snap-in Dentures?

At ReNew Dental, we know that you want to have confidence in your smile and lead a life without the restrictions of missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures. For that, you need a dentist with substantial experience who can offer the best medical attention and Snap-in Dentures proficiency.

Dr. Elaine Wu believes that everyone deserves to have an attractive, healthy smile that raises their self-esteem and enhances their overall quality of life.

We appreciate the aggravation and nervousness of living with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. We are passionate about providing exceptional care and expertise in Snap-in Dentures.

And here’s how we do it:

  1. We use cutting-edge digital technology and innovative methods to deliver a precise and comfortable fitting.
  2. We take time to understand your unique needs and goals, offering one-on-one care for each patient.
  3. Flexible financing options are available at affordable rates for those who want Snap-on Dentures.

Book an appointment with Dr. Elaine Wu now for a chance to get a smile which will turn around your life. Schedule a Free consultation today!

Don’t let missing teeth hold you back any longer. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Elaine Wu and take the first step towards a confident, radiant smile! Call us today at 978-451-1500.

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How long do Snap-in Dentures last?

With the proper care, Snap-in Dentures can last on average years before they need to be remade.

Are Snap-on Dentures a good idea?

Yes, It is a good idea for individuals who want a comfortable fit but something removable to clean. Snap-on Dentures can improve chewing ability, speaking and confidence.

What is the cost of Snap-in Dentures?

Cost of snap-in dentures depends on your location, dentist and complexity of procedure. Ask about our all-inclusive bundle pricing at ReNEW Dental.

How painful are Snap-in Dentures?

These procedures are usually minimally invasive. We would expect some discomfort during the healing from implant surgery to place the implant anchors needed for Snap-in Dentures. Most patients report mild to moderate pain for 3-5 days that is easily managed with over the counter medications.

Do Snap-in Dentures sit on your gums?

Snap-in Dentures require an accurate fit to your gums for comfort but they are also anchored to dental implants, which are surgically placed into the jawbone. The implants serve as a secure foundation for the denture, allowing it to “snap” into place.

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