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Office Policies

At ReNEW Dental, our dental implants in Tewksbury, MA bring back your smile and confidence. Trust us to rejuvenate your oral health.

Dr. Elaine Wu would like every patient that she sees to call ReNEW Dental their dental home. Dr. Elaine Wu’s goal is to get all her patients’ teeth to a point of health where she just needs to clean their teeth. She will always present the best option for your oral health and provide that treatment at a pace that you agree on with her.


In order for Dr. Elaine Wu to provide this high level of treatment, she is a UNRESTRICTRED dentist with all dental insurance plans. This means that the Dr. Elaine Wu has not signed contracts with any dental insurance company. This way she can provide unrestricted recommendations and care for her patients. Signing a contract limits what treatment an insurance company will cover and reimburse a dentist for. These limitations affect the ability for Dr. Elaine Wu to offer her patients the best treatment options based on the current dental science and dental materials.

As an UNRESTRICTRED dentist, Dr. Elaine Wu and ReNEW Dental can submit a claim to ANY insurance plan on behalf of a patient. Insurance is a relationship between a patient and their insurance company. An insurance company has no obligations to any dental health care provider. Their obligation is to you, the policy holder who pays the policy premium.

During each phase of treatment, Dr. Elaine Wu will complete insurance forms for you, submit them electronically on your behalf and provide you with a hard copy of the claim, but ALL insurance payments will be made to YOU, the policy holder, not to this office. Patients will pay ReNEW Dental directly and in full for all treatment provided. Dr. Elaine Wu recommends that all patients become familiar with their insurance benefits and coverage by calling Member Services. The amount of insurance reimbursement will always be a percentage of our office fee. You should ask your insurance company what their level of coverage will be as every insurance plan is different.

We will always provide a clear treatment proposal with fees for any treatment we diagnose and recommend. We will only proceed once you have a clear understanding of the total cost of treatment. Patients are responsible for full payment at the time services are rendered.


Every appointment made for patients represents time RESERVED specifically for you by Dr. Elaine Wu. This means we do not move the appointment or would squeeze someone else into your time. We certainly understand that urgent life situations can happen and an appointment cannot be kept. Dr Elaine Wu’s office requests that a 24-hour notice be given for all appointments that require re-scheduling. For patients that are provided a complimentary consultation, if that RESERVED appointment is not re-scheduled or cancelled with a 24-hour notice to the office, another consultation can only be scheduled with a $50.00 prepayment by credit card. The $50.00 fee will be applied toward any future treatment that is agreed upon.


Treatments provided at ReNEW Dental are for adult teeth only. As such, the office space and staffing is not designed to manage children. We kindly ask that patients arrive alone for their treatments or with an adult escort only if needed.

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